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Hang about, you’ll be able to get a brand new Camaro from the United Kingdom?

It is possible to. An enterprising trader bought a load-through GM Europe earlier this season, but still has a couple left — auto and manual, coupe and convertible, 2.0T and 6.2 V8.

Easy. Manual, coupe, V8.

I get where you are coming from, but this clearly isn’t that car. chevy camaro lease 2018Got the ideal engine, though. Any way, allow me to talk you through some desktop. There is no Chevrolet UK anymore.

It disappeared when GM marketed Vauxhall-Opel into PSA. Instead a European office at Zurich manages the small flow of Cadillacs and Chevrolets into Europe, and outside via retailers in each nation. Dealer, mostly — Ian Allan Motors in Virginia Waters is the UK’s sole approved sales and aftersales outlet.

Therefore even though left hand drive, it’s been switched to UK/European spec — correct lights, speedo and so on. With me so far? However, because Camaros have not been exposed to WLTP testing, they had to be enrolled before this September otherwise they would happen to be scrapped. So, you are able to purchase a pre-reg, left-hook Camaro, with prices starting at approximately #39,000, for this particular V8 auto convertible leasing around #10-k more.


It’s this or a Mustang essentially?

The Ford Mustang started a path for UK buyers to own a genuine muscle car without the annoyance of hard disk and limited dealer back-up. It has been an enormous hit across Europe — back in 2016 it actually outsold the Audi TT for a few months. In Germany. It still sells approximately 10,000 a year, roughly of fifth of them at the UK. Those are good numbers to get a coupe nowadays.

The Mustang opened a route to your Camaro — rarer, even more muscular as standard, arguably better looking. But now left hand drive and only one UK dealer. chevy camaro kbb is A significant change is coming. Chevrolet has announced that the the Corvette c-8 is going to be produced in right hand driveway. Ian Allan Motors already has more than 100 pre orders for a car that won’t land before mid-2021.

How about the Camaro then?

The present variant is now four years old, but if you’re interested in the Camaro, you are probably not fussed about cutting edge tech and bang-up-to-date technology. This is a path one muscle car: big, idle engine, laidback road manners, a feelgood car. Yep, even at the United Kingdom.

But there’s more about the Camaro than that. To begin with this convertible clues more exactly than I ever anticipated. The damping is very excellent, too. And that I had been more surprised with the chassis than I thought I’d be. You may lean about it tougher than you think. And here may be actually the one with the solid roof missing.

The key is not to come at it with Euro-expectations. It might have 453bhp and a promised 0-62mph period of 4.6 seconds, but it couldn’t see which way an Audi TT Roadster had gone to a fantastic road, not to mention a 718 Boxster. It’s too big, too heavy.

chevy camaro 2013

As with all muscle cars in my personal experience, you’ve got to unwind to them. Stick an elbow on the door framework — tricky here since you sit low and the shoulder line is high — and then simply direct it around. The engine woofles and barks pleasingly, it looks mean and it has real personality.

Like a cruiser it is a winner. OK, there is scuttle shake, and also quite a lot of end turbulence with down the roof and with up it, noise from the trailing edge. However contrary to the 24.6mpg maintain , we got 28mpg on a steady motorway-heavy drive, with the engine spending a lot of time with four cylinders shut down, and yanking just 1,500rpm at 70mph.

But go-faster also it falls to pieces, right?

No. Or at least not instantly. As I mentioned above, the steering and damping are good (simply avoid Track mode, which weights that the steering too much), and though you feel the chassis bend, it seems to twist and untwist smoothly enough, I would stop short of saying that it compels crisply, but I guarantee it’s far better than you expect.

Even the natasp V8 will rev to 6,500rpm, but you wont because there is enough torque and also advancement offered by half this. The automatic will not crack the upshifts home nicely, but the actual reason you’ll want the Camaro — over and above the Mustang too — is how it sounds. The 5.0-litre Ford never sounds quite as hairy as it needs to. The 6.2 Camaro appears such as a cross rhinoceros.

Sold. And it has got four seats.

It’s, and it is very tough to find a similarly-equipped European rival that has anything similar to the presence. BMW M 4 Convertible possibly? I really don’t guess the Camaro, despite its ample measurements, is any bigger interior, however it will take four adults — ideally with down the roof, as getting them into the back is a challenge differently.

Said roof can be operated on the movement and changes pretty quickly, but you should be mindful there is a luggage divider in the boot that should be in place before the top can drop — and it really cuts down boot space. Don’t go thinking four of you will head off to get a top weekend weekend fracture. You wont get farther than a country bar. And there’s definitely nothing wrong with this.

What is the driving environment?

Perhaps not quite sophisticated, but then nothing else about the vehicle is, therefore all you need to be aware of is that it matches the rest. Home planning and caliber is just okay. On the other hand they’ve got to grips with Apple Carplay, screen interactivity and endurance. The port operates logically and pretty smoothly.

Just mind visibility. This is just a big car, not far short of 4.8 metres from nose to tail. With a long bonnet, chunky mirrors and apillars, the very fact you’re sitting on the rear and the slim perspective from the back, it is not an easy car to guide through British towns. However, if you are only there because you want visitors to look at you… job done.

I’m not so fussed about that — I still want the manual coupe.


Better choice, we imagine. A few years back we drove a Camaro Z28 against a BMW M6 and Nissan gtr and came away impressed. This Camaro is a whole lot more relaxed than the track-ready Z28, a-car Chris Harris enjoyed so much he bought you, however it’s not lacking in charisma.


And that’s exactly the one thing. I don’t know about you, but we are starting to miss things like this. Even when electric cars haven’t yet hit tremendous earnings amounts, their sway on toning down the more radical, excitable, V8 contingent is evident. There are fewer cars like the Camaro around.


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